First Announcement and Call for Papers

European Mechanical Society

"Advanced Methods in Validation and Identification of Nonlinear Constitutive Equations in Solid Mechanics"

September 21-23, 2004

Moscow, Russia

The Colloquium-458, organized by EUROMECH, will take place at Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). This colloquium will be held in the frame of 250th anniversary celebration of MSU.

General information

The subjects of the Colloquium-458 cover important problems dealing with the verification of constitutive equations, the organization of experiments, the connection between microstructures and mechanical properties and the effective utilization of the modern FEM packages.

Among the problems, related to the development of constitutive equations, it is supposed to consider two complementary approaches:

The Colloquium-458 should also provide guidelines to choose a required model among the generous offers in most of the modern FEM software.

Spirit of the Colloquium

EUROMECH Colloquium 458 will provide the traditional informal character of the earlier meetings, encouraging open discussions and exchange of ideas between the researchers.

Name, affiliation and address of persons to whom correspondence should be sent

Chairperson: Prof. Rudolf A. Vasin, Dr. Sci., Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Michurinsky Prospekt, 1, 117192, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (+7)-095-939-5285
Fax: (+7)-095-939-5285

The Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee: Dr. Marina Yu. Ryazantseva,
Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Michurinsky Prospekt, 1, 117192, Moscow, Russia

Names and affiliations of Co-Chairpersons:

Prof. Georges Cailletaud, Centre des Materiaux,
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris,
UMR CNRS 7633, BP87, 91003 Evry Cedex,
Tel: 01 60 76 30 56 Fax: 01 60 76 31 50
Prof. B. E. Melnikov, Dr Sci.,
S.-Petersburg State Techn. University,
Polytechnicheskaya Street. 29,
S.-Petersburg, 195251, Russia.
Tel.: 7(812)-552-63-03
Fax: 7(812)-247-20-88
(for B.E.Melnikov)

Colloquium coordinator:

EUROMECH contact person -
Prof I.G.Goryacheva, Academician RAS
Institute for Problems in Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences
101, bld.1, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 117526 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (+7)-095 434-36-92

Call for Papers and Deadlines

Authors wishing to contribute to the Colloquium are invited to submit a single page abstract to the Colloquium Chairman (preferably via e-mail). Authors will receive the notification of acceptance of their proposed contribution. Only confirmed presentations will be included in the final program.


Abstract submission: 30 April 2004

Notification: 31 May 2004

Language of the Colloquium

The working language of the Colloquium is English. It will be used for all presentations, discussions and printed materials.

Colloquium Scientific Committee

B.D.Anin (Russia)
E.P.Busso (United Kingdom)
D. Besdo (Germany)
J.L. Chaboche (France)
J.Y. Guedou (France)
I.A.Kijko (Russia)
V.N.Kukudjanov (Russia)
A.A.Lebedev (Ukraina)
B.A.Palmov (Russia)
B.E.Pobedrya (Russia)
J.Rychlewski (Poland)
E.I.Shemyakin (Russia)
P.V.Trusov (Russia)
V. Ulbricht (Germany)

Registration Fee

The following fees apply:
Full registration fee 218+32 EURO for non-members of EUROMECH
Reduced registration fee 218 EURO for members of EUROMECH
Fees include Meeting facilities, Colloquium materials, Coffee Breaks.

Snecma Moteurs (Groupe Snecma, France) is a sponsor of the Colloquium 458.

The complete information will be published in the Second Announcement at the end of February 2004. For all inquires, the participants are asked to contact the Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee - Dr. Marina Y. Ryazantseva. Email:

Additional information about EUROMECH Colloquium 458 is available on the World Wide Web:

Request: inform the organizers as soon as possible if you are interesting in to take a part in EUROMECH Colloquium 458.